PBT/D catalyst

PHT/D catalyst is produced by Pt / Pd as the active component and alumina ball as the carrier with the characteristics of high activity, stable performance, strong anti-poisoning and long service life. 
Purification of organic waste gases (aromatic hydrocarbon,alkane, olefin, ester, ketone, styrene, alcohol, isophorone, DBE, PMA ) emitted from various industries such as enameled wire, painting, metal printing, packaging and chemical process.


Catalytic performance for typical VOCs

(space velocity of 15000 h-1)


VOCs Concentration( mg/m³ ) T99.5 (℃)
Toluene 3500 210
Benzene 3100 230
Butyl acetate 3500 250
Acetone 2800 240
N-butanol 2800 240
Alcohol 2800 240



A catalyst is the heart of an effective emission control system. Progre Catalysis is an innovative developer and manufacturer of highly active, robust and selective catalysts and related technologies for the destruction of volatile organic compounds (VOC).